What is Growcology?

Growcology is an organization comprised of green educators, environmental practitioners, artists, community organizers, and public servants all working together to provide education in sustainability and self-reliance.

In addition to providing hands-on training facilities for educators to connect directly with community members at the grass-root level, Growcology collaborates with existing organizations in the development of programs and opportunities to empower the global community. 

Whether you attend our events, participate in a program, or join one of our community gardens, we look forward to GROWing together. 

Here is our Calender List of events


Mission Statement

The mission of Growcology is to provide our local and global community with affordable and innovative education on sustainability, artistry, and self-reliance. Growcology nurtures local roots by hosting low-cost workshops, a community garden, and supplies educators with a platform to share their wisdom and expertise.  By leveraging social media and virtual online opportunities, Growcology strives to create a healthier and more vibrant global initiative.    



Growcology envisions a community working together to share projects, passions, artistic inventions, and ideas that will benefit our communities for present and future generations.  Growcology envisions a community with a sustainable support system comprised of ecological practitioners, artists, businesses, and public servants encouraging strategies both environmentally friendly and individually empowering.     


5 Virtues

To assist Growcology in attaining our mission of creating a healthier and more vibrant global initiative, we have identified 5 virtues to guide our way.  These virtues not only identify key issues facing the globe, but act as reminders for Growcology to practice resourcefulness by harnessing existing resources thus allowing us to reach the greater community enthusiastically and empowered.  We are committed to creating a shift with strength and joy in our heart!